30% to confirm the booking via Bank trasfer (Wire transfer), the rest when arrive to the Villa


Arrival Time: 15:00h
Departure Time: 10:00h

Juan Serra Palou
Bank account: ES78 2100 0207 50 0101282988

This payment is due to realise to a banking account facilitated by Dog Song in a term nonsuperior to 48h once confirmed the disponibiblidad of the lodging. The rest of the payment will take place to the delivery of keys. Cancellation: - If the reserve cancels 30 days before the day of arrival, it will retain 60euros to him. - If it is cancelled before between 15 and 29 days, a 50% of the reserve will be retained. - If one cancels 14 (or less) days before the arrival, the total of the reserve will be retained. In the case that the client does not wish to remain in the lodging, it will not have right to the return of the reserve. CONDITIONS OF RENT - The prices are final and include, aside from the lodging, the cleaning of entrance, gas, electricity and consumed water. If the stay is per weeks, a cleaning to average week is included. - The house will be prepared to the arrival of the client, and with his facilities and services in operation. Therefore, the damages caused in the house or its facilities by the client will be paid before the exit. If the client detected some anomaly in the house or their facilities, must warn the proprietor as rapidly as possible. - The entrance to the house will be the day decided in the contract from 14.00h and the exit before 10h. The schedule of delivery of keys will be of 14.00h to 21.00h. Any delivery of keys outside that schedule will not take place, unless a special schedule is asked for in advance. - The number of people who lodge in the house cannot be superior to the decree in the reserve you drink, them offers service of cradle free. Animal are not allowed, except for express request at the time of the reserve. Dog Song will not become position of the incidents, referring to the security and monitoring of the swimming pool, will be exclusive responsibility of the client. - The fact to formalize the reserve, implies that the client, has read and accepts these conditions. LIKE CARRYING OUT THE RESERVE In order to carry out the reserve it must fill in the reserve form or send an email to It will be answered to him with greater possible brevity and one will inquire to him into the dates that arrange. In order to confirm the availability 30% of the total will have to enter to pay in a term inferior 48h (if it is delayed, the reserve can be misestimated). After the entrance of the reserve we will send an email to him like confirmation with the reserved dates and all the details of the lodging.